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Long Term Care System
Expands in 2010

At the beginning of 2010, the Catholic Community Services Long Term Care System added several new programs and greatly expanded its services.  In Lewis County, CCS took over management of a variety of senior programs including the senior nutrition program, senior transportation, and management of five senior centers. A greatly expanded caregiver training program also began this year.  These programs total over $2 million, will employ 35 staff, and will serve over 3,000 new clients and thousands of caregivers.  Catholic Community Services is the largest provider of senior nutrition services in the state.

Lewis County Senior Programs:

In May 2009, CCS was contacted about a need for a new provider to take over the sponsorship of a variety of senior programs in Lewis County.  Given Catholic Community Services’ success at transitioning programs, the CCS Long Term Care System was asked to take over the management of programs in Lewis County.  Over the summer and fall, staff worked on a smooth and seamless transition. 

“I was very impressed with the dedication and service to mission which the staff in Lewis County showed,” said LTC Director Peter Nazzal.  “The mission fit with Catholic Community Services was perfect.” 

The meals-on-wheels program and six meal sites in Lewis County will serve 75,000 meals each year, bringing Catholic Community Services total senior meals served to over 375,000 meals annually at 35 meal sites and two meals-on-wheels programs. In addition to the senior nutrition programs, Catholic Community Services also took over management of the senior transportation contract which provides over 300,000 miles of rides to seniors in Lewis County.  Finally, Catholic Community Services is now managing five local senior centers in Lewis County.  An estimated 3,000 unduplicated people will be served.  Melissa Hill, the manager in charge of these programs, brings a wealth of experience and a passion to serve seniors to the job.

Caregiver Training:

Catholic Community Services has been a provider of caregiver training for over twenty-five years, serving the training needs of 2,000 CCS home care assistants.  In January, CCS started a new training contract which allows CCS to greatly expand its offerings and offer over 750 caregiver training courses annually.  These courses will be offered at 20 sites from Bellingham to Vancouver as well as in Central Washington.  In addition to the state-mandated “Fundamentals of Caregiving” course, CCS will offer caregiver continuing education in topics such as diabetes, healthy cooking, depression, fall awareness, dementia, and others.  

Joe Contris will be managing this program, in addition to other duties. According to LTC Director Peter Nazzal, “Joe brings the perfect mix of management acumen and clinical experience to the job.”

These program expansions fit well with Insight V of Futures II, the Catholic Community Services planning process, on meeting the needs of our vulnerable elders.  “While we are happy to be able to expand our offerings and achieve some of the steps in our Futures II insight,” said Peter. “The best aspect of this program expansion is the wonderful staff we have assembled and hired to provide these services.  I am both honored and energized to work with them.” 


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