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King County Kitsap County & Peninsula Pierce County
Thurston, Mason, Grays Harbor & Lewis Counties Southwest Washington Northern Oregon


Patti Renfro
Family Search & Engagement Coordinator
Phone: (360) 567-2211

Don Koenig
Vancouver Director
Phone: (360) 213-2418

Mary Stone-Smith
VP and Director of Family Behavioral Health
Phone: (800) 566-9053

Family Search & Engagement Trainings & Workshops

A child’s inalienable right...Family.
What would you want for your child?

Family Search & Engagement (FSE) is a set of practices designed to locate, engage, connect, and support family resources for youth. A major goal of this practice is to move youth from a place where they don’t hear “I love you” to a place where they can hear it and feel it everyday. This comes from family, relatives, and others who love them.  Frequently these youths are involved in the child welfare system, have experienced multiple placements with non-relatives and have lost contact with their extended family members.

This training/workshop is intended to support the implementation of these complex practices by providing both an identification of the issues and activities involved and a variety of practical tools to assist the practitioner in the day-to-day work. It is the product of a collaborative process among agencies, practitioners, family members, and youth who have experienced the practice.



For Family Behavioral Health articles, click here

Guide to Family Search and Engagement PDF Icon (small)

Permanence for Young People Measures PDF Icon (small)
The National Resource Center suggests measures that states should use around permanency planning.

Permanence for Young People Framework PDF Icon (small)
The National Permanence Framework developed by the NRC and Casey Center for Effective Child Welfare Practices.

Tools for Family Tracing and Social Reintegration PDF Icon (small)
After the Rwanda genocide, NGOs used family tracing techniques to locate extended family member survivors.

A Mother's Story
“ CCS helped me to find the strength to believe in a better tomorrow."

Family Behavioral Health Services finds Solutions
A snap shot of the Family Behavioral Health System within CCSWW (2001)

Family Assessment and Stabilization Team; FAST PDF Icon (small)

FAST Program Provides Connections for Youth and Families
FAST-Family Access to Stabilization and Teaming a report on the outcomes of the first two years (2003).

Lighting the Fire of Urgency… Families Lost and Found in America’s Child Welfare System.
What we might learn from resources outside of child welfare.

Who Am I? Why Family Really Matters.
Why families need their children and children need their families.

Family Behavioral Health Guiding Principles PDF Icon (small)

Family Behavioral Health Mission, Values and Guiding Priciples PDF Icon (small)

Family Behavioral Health System Provides School-based Services 
CCS Family Preservation Services (FPS) in Vancouver has begun to provide school-based services for high school students, with a home-based component for parents and families.

CASA of Orange County PDF Icon (small)


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